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Throughout Eva's younger years, Eva excelled in many branches of sport and entertainment. 

Eva initiated her musical journey at the age of twelve. Even at this stage of her young life, Eva's interest in music was vast. Thankfully, the school she attended, provided a multiplicity of different musical instruments to her avail. Her initial interest was the clarinet, where she diligently paticipated in teaching in clarinet workshops, whilst playing in the school orchestra concert band, performing at Parliament House, as well as, several local and interstate venues. 

At the age of fourteen, Eva's efforts were highly immersed in persuing a proffesional career in the tennis field​. However, one day, during a casual search using the internet, an event occurred that completely  altered  her  career aspirations, where

Foreva Music School

she came across a video of Carlos Santana playing Europa. The sounds that she heard, the connection she felt to the power of the electric guitar made her want to mimmick the energy that Carlos Santana exuded.

From here on, her increasing love for music forced her to change her professional direction completely from sport to music. Her instant and absolute immersion in music was intense. She embarked on an eager and devoted daily routine towards her guitar training, enabling her to reach the standards she dreamed of.

Eva's passion advanced her to an incredible and noticable level, where she was expediently able to perform frequently at well known Melbourne venues with long standing, proffesional musicians.

Foreva Music

Eva's musical integrity grew to such a high standard, that she became a highly sort out musician. Eventually being commisioned to tour  interstate, to play in festivals, and other national venues. Consequently Her musical interest increased further to many other instruments such as bass, piano, drums, saxaphone and vocals. Eva has also recorded original music and covers with different bands. 

In 2012, she experienced one of her biggest dreams, where she ecstatically enjoyed a personal guitar lesson and performed a duo stage presentation with the legendary Steve Vai. 

Othe accolades achieved in the last few years are 

* Music Excellence awards 

* Completion of Clarinet A.M.E.B exam

* Completion of Guitar A.N.Z.C.A exam

* Completion of Cert 2 and 3 Music 

* Completion of Cert 3 Music Technology 

* Completion of VCE Music Performance

In 2015, after playing for only three years Eva won the ‘Queen of Strings’, best female guitarist in the world award. This was due to Eva's self-learning and unique approach, which expeditiously rose her to a respected proffesional music standard, recognised by many well known and well versed industry stakeholders. Including many music interested individuals and proffesionals asking to be shown and taught her personal methods,  gained  during  her  very  short  but  explosive  career

In 2016 Eva wanted to fulfill one of her greatest   dreams,   which    was    to    gift

students with the most pragmatic and immersive approach to learning music. The increasing interest to Eva's musical abilities grew an inate eagernes for her to teach, her niche music method to anyone showing the same musical passion and interest. This led to the inception of her music school. It's here that     this     simple     and      perpetually

Foreva Music School

productive method allows each student a more intence and individualised, learning perspective. Raising the individuals profficiancy in music to a rapid and solid entry, into the music proffesion. The teaching format has proven to excel students to be recognised as uniquely styled professionals, rather then the generalised cookie cutter, musician.

Foreva Music
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