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"It's not about how many degrees you have in music,
It's about the degree of passion you have for music."
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Our Niche Teaching Method Will Advance You 

Hi and welcome to the Foreva Music site. I thank you very much for taking an interest in 'YOUR' music school. 


Let me take the opportunity to explain a little further about my concept and how I believe you'll imbibe the music format I teach. This system will help you more easily adapt to and understand music, holistically, with my elementary approach.

I've been through most music formats and I have found that the graduating system is not necessarily the most expedient or pragmatic way to learn. My approach will teach you not to use the technicalities of music which will stifle you and suppress you, but rather teach you how to implement the feel and spirit of using personalized techniques that will help your diversity and freedom. This has been proven by my own personal advancements in the music industry, by simply finding shortcuts and amalgamating them with my approach which have rewarded me with world accomplish accolades within three years of starting my music learning. I am eager and excited to share my ways so you can accomplish similar foundations in music, expediently. 

You are not going to find music when you are on a path where you are receiving constant information. I believe that the graduation music method can inundate you with a lot of information that can be so arduous, which can burden your thoughts and suppress your passion towards music, sometimes leading to a personal point of frustration causing an end to a persons hopes of achievement. In many cases I have noticed that their are many potential musicians out their that are at a stagnant or dormant stage in their musical life and I encourage them to come along and be re-inspired in this niche method that will exponentially grow their scope of musical activity and allow them the freedom of self exploration which will thrust them to be on the path of personal musical growth of achieving their musical goals. This has been proven by most of our students who have undertaken the Foreva Music method, passionately.

The Foreva Music method is a pragmatic and simplified version of all music concepts, theoretical and practical. It allows students to utilize an imbibition process that enables them to much more rapidly learn and conduct all levels, standards and genres of music. It travels its students on an A-Z understanding of music learning, as well as eliminating the unnecessary, in-between. Music is about feeling and self- expression, via the creation of inner soul, passion and how an artist projects their musical resonance to their audience. It therefore needs to be understood that music isn't just about theory. 

Although, I am a great believer of all the theoretical elements of music that ultimately will enhance your knowledge. I have to express, that some musicians who purely concentrate on theory, may self-suppress and stifle their natural integration with music. However, these components will be covered in our studies, which will help students understand and utilize theory methods to advance their growth in all spectrum's of music. The biggest emphatic part of my approach is to help students find that internalized explosive creativity, that consequently will allow them the freedom of personal self expression and that niche touch residing in one's inner self. My unique method will project you closer to a professional and personalized, freestyle ability.


My aim is to assure students to feel, uniquely projecting their inner self via their own eloquent sounds, ultimately guiding them to a niche-sounding musician. This method removes the student from falling into traps of stagnancy and enabled diversity that may, unfortunately lead to a very generalized and uniform musician. 


My ultimate goal with every student, is to reach a high level of 

musical understanding, by encouraging them to apply the tenacity and passion required to accomplish the freedom of vast musical uniqueness.

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